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Chairs & Stools

Ultimate Saddle Seat

from £120.00

The most comfortable and ergonomically designed saddle stool on the market, in our opinion. It comes complete with adjustable height, adjustable pivot seat area, and multi adjustable back support, all

Affinity Split Seat Saddle Backrest Stool

from £204.95

The Affinity Split Seat Saddle Stool is a popular choice for anyone that spends a lot of time seated. The split seat will relieve pressure on the back and pelvic floor, whilst supporting the natural

Saddle Stool

from £95.00

Saddle Stool complete with height adjustable gas shock, and strong chrome base, on wheels. Ergonomically designed for user comfort and better posture.

Affinity Saddle Stool

from £95.10

Wider than most, and incredibly comfortable, the Affinity saddle stool has been designed to give the therapist a much improved seated posture, thereby minimising workplace injury. This wheeled stool

Ultimate Circle Stool

from £120.00

The Ultimate Circle Salon Stool is suitable for all therapists and treatment rooms. It has an ergonomically designed back rest support, which has incline and height adjustment. The actual seat can als

Affinity Rolling Stool with Backrest

from £95.10

A high quality, practical treatment stool on wheels, offering flexibility and ease of use for all therapists. Offering a very supportive back rest, and easy to operate, gas height adjustment. Excellen

Curve Clinic Stool

from £120.00

The Curve Clinic Stool has a generous circle seat and curved back support feature, that can move 360 degrees around the seat, which allows use for an arm/elbow rest, or even for a client to straddle f

Affinity Curved Back Swivel Stool

from £119.50

The Affinity Curved Back Swivel Stool is a very well padded therapist stool, with a stylish curved wrap around back rest, and chrome base. The backrest swivels independently from the stool, so that y

Circle Stool

from £85.00

Circle Stool complete with height adjustable gas shock, and strong chrome base, on wheels. Ideal for a manicure desk, set up for the salon therapist.

Affinity Rolling Stool

from £59.00

The Affinity rolling stool is a gas lift stool. It is excellent value and extremely comfortable. A high quality, practical treatment stool on wheels, offering flexibility, and ease of use for all ther

Affinity Folding Stool

from £51.15

A beautifully crafted Affinity massage stool, available in a selection of colours to match your Affinity portable massage table Perfectly proportioned to ensure the therapists comfort. It convenient

Affinity Pedistool

from £88.50

The Affinity Pedistool is ideal for home or salon. It is extremely comfortable, due to it's Theraform padding. Fitted with four castors for ease of movability. It offers superb strength, is multi-func

Affinity Puma Onsite Massage Chair

from £259.00

The Affinity Puma sets the standard in style, portability, adjustment and exceptional comfort. Silent and sturdy, even under lateral movement, the Puma sets up in seconds. Generous, sculpted cushions