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Avalon Volupturest Treatment Couch at Amy Childs Salon

The Channel 5 show 'It's all about Amy' followed the, then 21 year old, model and beautician, Amy Childs around, as she prepared for the opening of her very own beauty salon in Essex.

In Series 2 of TOWIE, Amy mentioned how painful it is for ladies who are more generous ‘up top’, to lie on their front when having a massage, and wouldn’t it be great if there were ‘boob holes’ cut out of the beds, to make it more comfortable when lying face down.

After watching the programme, the manager of Avalon Couches, got in touch with Amy, and the ‘Volupturest’ treatment couch was created. 

Amy Childs now has three ‘Volupturest’ treatment couches in her successful and busy beauty salon.

The ‘Volupturest’ comes in a wide range of colours.  All Avalon couches are carefully crafted in the UK, and feature a comprehensive range of options, to help therapists create a treatment table that’s perfect for their own individual clients. The couches have a three year guarantee.


Volupturest 3 Treatment Table

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