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Portable & Static Massage Tables

Affinity Helena

from £687.50

Packed with carefully thought out features and accessories, Affinity Helena can be considered a multi-purpose couch. Its comfort and aesthetics make it ideal for treatments designed for relaxation, b

Affinity Comfortflex

from £390.00

Aimed at the professional holistic and spa market, the Affinity Comfortflex has the versatility to be used for nearly every therapy treatment. The luxurious padding, comfort and style give the impress

Affinity Deluxe

from £367.00

The Affinity Deluxe portable massage table reaches new levels of features and comfort. Its luxurious padding, rounded corners, adjustable armrest and face cradle gives maximum comfort for the client,

Affinity Portable Flexible

from £275.00

The Affinity Portable Flexible is one of Affinity’s original couches and, over 19 years on, due to its classic style and great value, is still one of the most versatile and best loved profession

Affinity Marlin

from £328.50

The Affinity Marlin is a truly portable table at just 14.5kgs. With its rapid set up and easy one-touch height control, the Affinity Marlin has been designed to be used, and taken to the next appointm

Affinity 8

from £378.50

The Affinity 8 advanced massage table is a premium couch with an “hour-glass” shape which provides superior comfort for clients, and optimum access to the lumbar area for the therapist. T

Affinity Athlete

from £420.00

The Affinity Athlete has been carefully designed to withstand vigorous treatments such as sports massage, deep tissue massage and osteopathy, whilst offering superior comfort and access. The lifting b

Affinity Sienna

from £255.00

Affinity Sienna offers a top spec, professional quality massage table at a fantastic price. Attention to detail, quality construction and comfort, have played an integral part in the design of this ex

Affinity Versalite

from £277.00

The Affinity Versalite is the UK’s lightest board mattress portable massage couch. It is extremely comfortable, due to it's Therafoam padding, and offers excellent stability. With Reiki end pane

Affinity Classic

from £549.00

Affinity Classic is a 2 section, static couch that has been designed for use in a number of different treatment settings, such as spa, beauty, holistic, medical and massage.  As with all Affinity

Master Fairlane

from £205.00

The Master Fairlane has been designed as a weight carrier, with its Master stabiliser bar for superb strength and stability. This portable table is lightweight and offers generous height adjustment.

Master Spa Salon

from £325.00

The Master Spa Salon has been designed with comfort in mind. It is extra wide and fitted with removable, cushioned arm rests. It offers superb stability and generous height adjustment.  It

Affinity Puma Onsite Massage Chair

from £259.00

The Affinity Puma sets the standard in style, portability, adjustment and exceptional comfort. Silent and sturdy, even under lateral movement, the Puma sets up in seconds. Generous, sculpted cushions

Affinity Body Bolster Set

from £136.15

The ultimate positioning aid. The Affinity Body Bolster can enhance a wide variety of massage and physical therapies. Supporting the client at the clavicle, ribs, sternum and pelvis, it relaxes the cl

Affinity Massage to Go

from £97.50

The Affinity Massage to Go is a desktop, go-anywhere, massage support that enables you to take therapy to any home or office.  It is suitable for all mobile therapists, and sets up solidly o

Affinity Power Therapist

from £57.65

The Power Therapist Upgrade Pack includes a luxury face cradle and arm rest, that create the ultimate experience for your clients. It opens up the Scapula, and allows you to give a more effective trea


Affinity Portable Flexible Plus

from £54.20

This is an excellent upgrade pack, consisting of a face cradle and arm sling set, which adds an extra 12″ of couch length, making it handy for taller client comfort. It offers more flexibility

Affinity Face Cradle Cushion

from £26.75

Affinity face cradle cushions will fit most types of face cradle frames. They are fitted with velcro strips on the rear to ensure ease of attachment onto the frame. Made from firm, yet soft, high den

Affinity Face Rest Cozies

from £27.70

For great quality, re-usable face cradle covers, look no further than the Affinity Face Rest Cozies.  Made from soft cotton flannel, they are extremely comfortable, durable, hygienic and absorbe

Affinity Paper Towel Holder

from £24.25

Conveniently slots into the end of your Affinity massage table, and accommodates a 20” paper roll. The push button mechanism keeps the holder in place, whilst a complimentary elastic strap

Affinity Thermo Electric Blanket

from £47.80

Designed specifically for use with massage couches, the Affinity Thermo Electric blanket will keep your clients comfortably warm and cozy during their treatments. It has a soft comfortable fleece uppe

Disposable Breathe Hole Covers

from £29.30

Our premium quality, disposable breathe hole covers, are made from non-woven, medical grade material, that is hypo-allergenic. They are simply placed over the breathe hole, to offer a sanitary solutio

Affinity Massage Table Trolley

from £60.70

This handy pull along table trolley folds almost flat for storing, and features a soft touch handle for added comfort. It is also fitted with side straps for added security, and is quick and easy to f

Affinity Athlete/Affinity 8 Carry Case

from £39.90

Replacement carry case for Affinity Athlete and Affinity 8 massage table.

Affinity Marlin Carry Case

from £34.80

Replacement carry case for Affinity Marlin massage table - 25" only.

Affinity Puma Carry Case

from £31.50

Replacement carry case for Affinity Puma massage table.

Affinity Wheeled Carry Case

from £60.70

Automatically supplied with the Portable Flexible, ComfortFlex and Deluxe, this super quality wheeled carry case, is sold as a ‘stand alone’ item due to popular demand. It is fitted with

Affinity Sienna Carry Case

from £34.80

Replacement carry case for Affinity Sienna massage table. 

Avalon Couches Raffle Competition!

from £8.33

I’m sure most of you are aware Avalon are attending the Olympia Beauty show in October.   As if that wasn’t enough excitement, we have also decided to hold a raffle, with the